As said Kinetic Reactors are “producing” 100/100 of aragonite crystalline structure of scale, when CaCO3 precipitates from water. LABORATORY TESTS KINETIC REACTOR shows Aragonite structure can be easily sedimented due to the physical form of powder.

Calcination tests using the Raman technique were performed at the Technical University of Munich (TUM): REMOVAL OF THE CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF CACO3 Results TUM Munich


Sample water KINETIC REACTOR Lab Tests 3
Water treated with Kinetic reactor KINETIC REACTOR Lab Tests 4


We performed tests for microbiological parameters (BQ parameters as well as all bacteria tests as for regulations) for the production units. Please bear in mind we are not officially declaring microbiological parameters capability for KR-T. Here are some test results for production units.

Bactiquant water tests are suitable to determine overall bacteria pollution in water. Results for the water source of local community not using any water treatment process:

Results are showing we are capable to perform microbiological compliance with regulations!
We will continue with tests as well as with modifications.