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Our story behind innovation.

We are an authorized seller of KINETIC REACTOR products.

Ever since 1997, the mission of the KINETIC REACTOR team has been water treatment. We offer quality and healthy water to the world through innovative technology. The development is based on daily testing of water from different parts of the world. 2013 was a turning point in the development of kinetic technology, which confirmed with its results that this is an innovative and completely new way of water treatment. In 2017, kinetic technology was recognized in several specialized laboratories and institutes across Europe as strategically important for the entire world. Kinetic technology is already present in several countries on different continents. At the link below you can see the written statement of the Republic of Slovenia on the recognition of kinetic technology. It is addressed to our partners company, which covers the field of professional use.

KINETIC REACTOR technology is divided into two segments due to the many different applications: Domestic and Professional. KINETIC REACTOR Group is a collaboration of experienced experts in water treatment, development and marketing. We are very pleased that quality knowledge and efforts for humanity knows no boundaries. Bright evidenced is the KINETIC REACTOR Group, which cooperates with experts from all over the world. Our vision is to preserve water resources, to offer expertise and treatment of waters that do not produce third-party products and hazardous decantants for long-term nature conservation. The KINETIC REACTOR Group consists of two companies JinP doo (Domestic area) and Innte doo (Professional area). Cooperation of companies enables assistance in development, testing, distribution and marketing.

Our team

Harvey Spector

Founder - CEO

Jessica Pearson


Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

Luise Litt

Lead Developer

Katrina Bennett

Intern Designer

Mike Ross

Intern Designer

Scale prevention
Heavy metals neutralization
Chlorine efficiency increase with its reduction
Overall bacteria reduction
Biofilm prevention
Water saving