KINETIC REACTOR vam omogoča:

  • for water taps with M20 faucet aerator dimesions
  • Improve the taste and smell of water (proof of several thousand users)
  • water saving up to 50% (proof built-in Swiss patent – flow regulator)
  • reduced limescale build-up (aragonite form of limescale)
  • reduced content of heavy metals in water (evidence by national laboratory)
  • reduced arsenic content in water (Sopren University proof)
  • reduced chlorine content of 10 -70% (proof of testing – measurements)
  • reduced water turbidity (evidence by national laboratory)
  • much better hydration of the body (our body is more hydrated and fresher after drinking clean water)

KINETIC REACTOR is a multi-purpose water purification device that uses the existing water flow for efficient operation.It does not need additional energy and chemicals to purify the water. Despite being a very powerful water purifier, KINETIC REACTOR is basically an aerator – a faucet mesh. Installation is very easy, it will only take you 1-2 minutes.

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